What Makes a Good Leader? How To Attract The Right Leader

How to Attract the Right Leaders into your Networking Marketing Business

Dwight D. Eisenhower said of leadership, it’s “the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.”

When you think about the leadership model that you envision for your company, what comes to mind?

Are you looking for someone who is so money-driven that they spend every waking minute of the day pursing activity after activity, hoping to cash in on all of their scattered efforts? Probably not.

Does a good leader push their products and services on people to the point of disgust, where a potential connection down the road is thwarted by an over-aggressive attitude? I don’t think so.

Attracting the right leader into your business is a simple as finding a person like you. A person who shares many of the same passions and goals, and who wants to emulate your great successes.

What Makes a Good Leader?

If you’re trying to figure out who would make a good leader in your business, look no further than yourself.

What keeps you going in your business, day after day, when things are sometimes tough but there is a bright light on the horizon? What drives you to keep the idea of quitting you “day job” in your mind at all times, and dreaming of a future filled with more time spent with family and income that comes in whether you’re lying on the beach or trekking a far-off land?

What is it about your business that makes you want to share it with like- minded people, the ones who really understand how a great product and a serious passion can ignite fires that drive communities, countries, and the world?

The right leader for your business is someone like you.

Someone who leads by example, educating their sphere of influence on exactly what it takes to make things happens, to turn dreams into reality.

A good leader is:

  • Passionate
  • Excited
  • Patient
  • Exemplary
  • Goal-minded
  • Focus-oriented
  • Sociable
  • Trustworthy

Let’s take a look at that last one for a minute. A Good leader is trustworthy. What does that mean?

The Right Leader Builds Trust in Relationships

A good leader to recruit into your business is someone who likes to talk to people. To develop relationships. To build trust between themselves and those who will purchase their products or services.

Good leaders prospect and “sell” their company to those who have expressed some sort of need for what they are selling, and who have real benefit to gain from doing business with them.

A good leader does not spam people via email, monopolize conversations, or push themselves or their business on people who clearly are not interested in what they have to offer.

The right leader for your business will:

  • Inquire about others and their hopes, dreams, and needs
  • Listen to people in a sincere and helpful manner
  • Establish a friendly bond with those of similar interests, over time

How do you find the Right Leader for your Business?

You let them come to you. If you want to attract the right leaders into your Network Marketing business, you need to become the type of leader that you desire, and let them WANT to join you. It’s a simple as that.

Potential leaders who aspire to join your company want to see that you know how to effectively reach out to people, that you know how to educate someone on the benefits of doing business with you, and that you actually love and believe in what you are selling.

Leaders who will join you in your company want to emulate the success that you have attained, and they want you to be able to be by their side as they learn, gain experience, and realize successes of their own.

There is a saying that “like attracts like,” and you don’t have to be floating in spiritual circles to see how the power of attraction can work for you in your home-based business.

Attracting the right leaders is as easy as becoming the type of person that you seek, and letting your leaders find you through the power of your positive energy and intentions.

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