Think and Grow Rich Chapter 2 Helps Us Understand How To Translate Desire Into Results

Have you ever wanted something so much that you could actually feel what it would be like to possess it with every breath you took?

It matters little what you want, as it could easily be monetary wealth, physical health, a loving relationship, good friends, a life of freedom, and the list goes on and on. What does matter is that you let the FEELING of having what you want overcome you, and allow the DESIRE of seeing it come to fruition permeate every cell in your body.

If you read THINK AND GROW RICH, you’ll quickly see that Napoleon Hill advises we will achieve what our soul desires. Chapter 2 of Hill’s famous book on acquiring riches delves full-steam into how to bring it ALL to fruition: the money and everything else that we have always wanted for our lives.

Hill’s methods to riches, and what will be your roadmap to whatever it is you want in your life, are the predecessors to what is currently being called the “LAW OF ATTRACTION” The “Law” states that we must embody the energy of what it’s like to have what we DESIRE, before we can even begin to see the our intended results.

Having what we want is so much more than just thinking that we would like to have it. Getting what we want means that we also need to be in complete harmony and alignment with a life that would allow it to enter.

Chapter 2 of Think and Grow Rich is simply titled: DESIRE.

Throughout his eloquent and inspiring text, Hill calls for us to summon 3 things into our spirit, in order to receive what we so greatly want in our lives:

  1. Definiteness of Purpose
  2. Persistence
  3. And a Burning Desire for what we want in our lives to appear

Let’s take a look at these 3 important qualities in detail.

Definiteness of Purpose

Think and Grow Rich starts Chapter 2 with the story of Edwin C. Barnes, who DESIRED to work with Thomas A. Edison, not for him. Barnes’ vision for himself was DEFINITE, as he knew clearly in his mind what his ultimate goal was, and he kept this purpose with him as he patiently learned new skills and intensified his DESIRE.

Hill also speaks of his own story, and his son who was born without ears or the inner mechanisms that would allow him to hear. Despite doctors telling Hill that his son would always be deaf and mute, he concluded a DEFINITENESS of purpose that he would one day bring the gift of hearing to his son.


The ability to do whatever it takes to achieve what we want is another critical component of DESIRE. PERSISTENCE shows itself in Hill’s story of Edwin Barnes, as he tells us that Barnes absolutely did whatever it took to make his DESIRE of working with Edison come true. Barnes did spend a good period of time working for Edison, always with the notion, however, that his efforts would pay off and he would ultimately achieve his goal.

When we look at the case of Hill and his son, we see a man who wanted so desperately for his son to hear that he continued to plant the seed of hearing in his son’s mind throughout his years. He constantly read him stories and BELIEVED that someday his son would somehow overcome his challenge. In time, Hill’s son began to BELIEVE too that he possessed what it would take to overcome the handicap.

One of the most remarkable tales in Think and Grow Rich that speaks of PERSISTENCE is one of a group of gold miners, who quit when they thought their bountiful vein of gold had dried up. Had they PERSISTED and dug a little further, actually just 3 feet to the left, they would have discovered a gold source that ended up supplying more PERSISTENT fortune hunters with millions of dollars. The gold was mined, riches were made, and we are left with a lesson in never giving up.

A Burning Desire

What would it take for you to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted in your life? I suggest to you that it takes a burning DESIRE, more than anything, to personally know all that you’ve ever wanted.

Edwin C. Barnes had that burning DESIRE, and it resulted in him finally working with Edison, and achieving exactly what he thought and said he would. Hill had that burning DESIRE for his son to hear, and his early efforts at convincing his son that he would one day hear made it possible for him to get a profitable job selling newspapers, go to college, receive a hearing aid that would change his life, and help millions of other deaf people hear sound for the first time.

A burning DESIRE means that you can dream, imagine, and feel what you want in your core, and you will do anything to make what you want become possible.

A burning DESIRE means that you actually BELIEVE you can acquire what you want, and you stand ready to get it when it comes to you.

Hill gives us 6 definite steps for translating our DESIRES into their physical result, as it applies to wealth:

  1. Picture in your mind the exact amount of money you DESIRE. This needs to be a DEFINITE amount, which is discussed in detail in later chapters.
  2. Establish EXACTLY what you will GIVE in return acquiring your DESIRED amount of money. The universe is in harmony and balance when we give and receive.
  3. Determine a DEFINITE date that you will achieve the EXACT amount of money you desire.
  4. Write a DEFINITE plan or method for carrying out your DESIRE, and start it NOW.
  5. CREATE a clear and concise statement regarding the amount of money you plan to have, when you plan to have it by, what you plan to give in return for it, and how you plan on getting it.
  6. READ your statement out loud to yourself each day upon rising and before you go to sleep at night. As you are reading, you must BELIEVE that you already have what it takes to achieve it.

Hill says that DESIRE is “The Starting Point of All Achievement” and “The First Step toward Riches.”

What do you DESIRE today?

By the way, if you have not read the book, visit this site for a free audio version and a free downloadable version of the book. One of my favorite chapters is Chapter 2. Whether you like reading or listening to the audio to connect with this timeless information about success.  I encourage you read or listen to the entire book.

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