Personal Development Plan: The Power of Putting Yourself First

For every one great idea that you have, there will be dozens of people coming out of who knows where saying that it “won’t work,” “you’re bound to fail,” you should “stick to something safe and reliable,” and many other versions of the same song.

What happens though when you’ve got this song to sing, and everyone around you seems to think you’re better off keeping quiet in the trenches? What do you do when the image in your head of your biggest and best life is not seen by anyone around you?

If health, happiness, and success as you define it are your goals, you keep on listening to that song of yours, and you sing it loud for everyone to hear.

One of the greatest gifts that you can give yourself in your own personal development is to put yourself, your wants, your needs, and your passions first and foremost in your life.

Putting yourself first has nothing to do with being selfish and uncaring. It has everything to do with honoring the call in your heart to step into your rightful place in the world, and to nurture your dreams, gifts and talents so that you may be of service to others. Catapult Growth PDF has a great example for a personal business development plan to help keep you on track. This will help make yourself, and your goals, a priority in your life is the only way you’ll be able to show up for others, filled with great things to teach and share.

Successful Personal Development Guidelines

So, how do you gently get to that place where you’re staying true to your purpose, and keeping the rest of your life and your relationships in tact at the same time?

First of all, you begin to realize that there is no “place” to get to that is the final rung on the success ladder. The nature of life is that we will always have hopes, dreams, and visions of something “better,” and that is simply our natural tendency to expand and grow.

Sure, it’s great to have milestones or checkpoints set out for our lives, which can represent a certain amount of wealth we would like to achieve or a certain level of success we would like to see in our business dealings. But, the secret to really understanding the power of ourselves as creators of our own destiny is to know that we are constantly evolving, and will always be looking for that next thing to accomplish, or that new experience to play out.

Don’t get caught up asking yourself why you aren’t where you think you should be yet, or how your path compares to others.

Your life’s journey is completely your own, and is best traveled if you learn to embrace the small steps every day that are ultimately leading you on a long and never-ending trip through happiness, wonder, and amazement, if you allow it.

We will always be learning, growing, expanding, and making tweaks here and there to our plan, according to the nature of our mind and spirit at any given moment. When you begin to see yourself as an ever-changing and ever-evolving person, who doesn’t need to get it “right” because “right” is whatever you want it to be, you’ll always have the ability to take any perceived failure and see it for exactly what it is, a life lesson.

The best thing that we can do for ourselves and others is to recognize our true calling in life, and to align ourselves with what it feels like to live this calling every second of the day.

Will there be bumps and turns and roadblocks along the way? Of course there will. Would a muscle ever become big and strong without plenty of exercises, tests, and challenges placed upon it?

With every mistake that is made, or door that is closed in front of you, there will always be a subsequent choice that is asking you how you would like to proceed. I suggest that you see these events as what they really are, opportunities to propel yourself to a new stage of awareness and skill, and to choose yourself as worth of the best that life has to offer.

I suggest you look at any “negatives” in your life through the lenses of gratitude and trust, confident that your deepest desires are actually being confirmed and you are playfully being directed to your greatest good.

As you journey through your life, your career, and your relationships, always remember that the joy you seek is not somewhere down the road.

Begin to let in what you want now, and let it fill you up every step of the way as you’re building your portfolio, connecting with new people, and celebrating the joy that is present with you each and every day.

Keep that determination with you at all times to see the reward you’ve been looking for, but set aside constructs of time and pressures of how things should be played out and take pleasure in the unique space that you’re in now to make any changes that you want in your life.

Take gradual steps into the life you want to live right now, making patience your friend and confidence in your abilities your ally. Trust that when you take meaningful measures every day toward what feels good to you, you will soon view today as the prize, and you will attract an abundance of great events, people, and circumstances into your life on a regular basis.

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