Choosing the Right Mentor

Why it’s Important to Find the Right Mentor or Coach for Your Home-Based Business

When you decide to go into business for yourself, there are hundreds of thousands of opportunities you can choose from, and almost the same amount of people telling you that they’re the ones who help you get where you want to be.

So, what do you do, and whom do you sign on with to help you make the journey to personal and financial success?

It’s no secret that one of the best ways to find succeed in business, whether it’s a traditional home-based business or a Network Marketing company, is to copy those who are already living the life that you want to live.

What motivates them? What skills do they have that you don’t yet? What knowledge have they acquired, and how can you get it? What is the exact process that they use to build their business and realize personal and financial freedom?

When it comes to finding the right mentor or coach for your new business, look no further than the people who act and live the way that you want to, and make sure that they are sincere in their efforts to “spread the wealth,” or share their experiences with you.

Starting a home-based business is rewarding, but it’s also challenging. The people that you are turning to, to teach, encourage, and champion you as you build your business, have gone through the planning, hard work, and maintenance that’s involved in a new venture, and will expect you to do the same.

There are no handouts, when you’re looking for a mentor or coach. Only passionate and skilled people, if you’re lucky, who have been where you are and share your desire to see an entire community of successful individuals.

When you’re looking for a good mentor for your home-based business, choose one who will:

Make sure you have a solid plan. If you’re here and there and everywhere about what kind of business you want to run, where you see the company heading in the next few years, and how you’ll finance your venture and spend your time, a good mentor or coach will sit you down with a pen and paper at the least, and ask you to put into writing your ideas for the empire you want to create.

Keep you real. A mentor or coach who is interested in your success will probe you so bare, you’re likely to feel over-exposed and uncomfortable at times. Get used to it. A good mentor makes you take an honest look at your motivation, bank account, skills, knowledge, experience, work ethic, and so on. He or she is your best friend, mother, spouse, and spiritual guru all rolled into one.

Your cheerleader when you’re on the top of your game, and your shelter if you’ve temporarily lost your way. The best mentors make you put yourself out there for scrutiny, and help you pull out everything so that you can turn it to gold.

Teach from experience. When you’re looking for a mentor or coach to guide your through the process of planning you business, generating start-up capital, purchasing inventory, opening your doors (or website), prospecting, creating advertising and marketing campaigns, building a list, networking, closing the sale, and even managing your time, you’ll need someone who has been where you’ve been, and will show you where to go next.

A good mentor is generous, and wants to share their experiences with you. The mentor or coach that you want to connect with is out there in the field, living the life that you want, not stuck in an office cubicle, directing a play with subject matter that he or she has researched from a book.

Listen to you. How does it feel to work with someone who only sees things their way, even when it might be kind of green and grassy on their own side of the fence. Valuable mentors and coaches listen to your wants and needs for your business, and they realize that although you will ultimately need to emulate their effective business strategies, you are an individual with ways of learning, thinking, and rationalizing that may be different from them.

A mentor who you want on your team will take the time to get to know you, and to develop a syllabus for learning the ropes that honors your unique skills, talents, and personality.

Before you go out and charge into business for yourself, slow down and give some serious thought to the type of person who you want to help you realize your dreams. Chances are that person is someone who’s a lot like you, and someone that you can see yourself being for another young business owner in the future.

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