Holding Yourself Accountable Doesn’t Mean Doing Everything Yourself

When you have your baby under your wing, your business if you’re an entrepreneur, it’s often tempting to want to control every detail of the daily business operation on your own. You are always holding yourself accountable because it’s your brainchild and you will be the one to make it fly and reap all of the rewards, right?

But what happens when your plans, hopes, and dreams for your business soar beyond the time, resources, and skills that you currently have?

If you know how to leverage your connections and rely on the people who are trained to do what you need done, you realize remarkable growth and success like you may have only imagined.

Holding Yourself & Employees Accountable for the Growth & Success of Your Business

Business owners need to be accountable for creating a good business plan. Finding funding, making calls, hitting sales goals, completing a project, are aspects of running a business. But, what company do you know of where the owner takes full responsibility of doing ALL of these tasks on his own?

Part of accountability as an owner of a home-based business, or any other business, is to know yourself and what you love to do. Take the duties that you are passionate about, and that you thoroughly enjoy, and put these on your back. Find someone else, who is just as passionate about your ideas and goals, and let them give you a hand at carrying some of the load.

As the creator of your business, you get to decide what role you will take on in fulfilling the mission of your company, and you get to allow others the pleasure of bringing their skill set to the table and pitching in for the greater good.

A win-win.

According to Forbes, being accountable to your business means that you take the time to know where you’re aiming, decide how long you think it should take and what resources you’ll need to get there, and then you implement your plan of action making the best use of your time and help that’s available to you.

Yes, help. Some people mistakenly believe that being a successful leader or business owner means that you know how to do EVERYTHING, and that you never need or want to ask for help.

Good leaders and business people know how to use the power of leverage.

Leveraging of other’s skills, resources, and time, makes it possible for you and everyone around you to enjoy a greater abundance of learning opportunities, money, and free time.

Accountability means getting the job done, no matter how you have to do it. It means focusing on the big picture, and letting anyone willing and able to help you fill in the grid with their valuable contributions.

Steps to Maintain Business Accountability

The following are a few ways that you can remain accountable to your business or project, and build greater success for yourself and others by sharing opportunity and success:

  • Ask for advice when you need it.
  • Contract out what you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do.
  • Keep tasks that you truly enjoy for yourself.
  • Network with people who can contribute value to your business in a wide variety of ways.
  • Set up periodic checkpoints for yourself to study the potential for growth for your business if you were to delegate some responsibilities to others.

Holding yourself accountable to your business means that you accept responsibility for the outcome, whatever that may be. It also means that you place trust in others to help you get to your ultimate goal, which for many business owners means a highly successful business AND personal freedom. Get access to your checklist today and learn valuable information on how to become a leader, while letting others with the same passion you possess help you grow your business.


Pam Rankin is committed to inspire others to achieve greatness in their own lives. She strives to grow a strong network of amazing people who are like-minded and have a common purpose of creating synergy in their own lives and making a difference in the lives of others. With Pam’s knowledge, experience and positive impact on entrepreneurs it is easy for her to be passionate about teaching others to be financially independent.

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