Manage & Make Each Day Productive

Going into business for yourself isn’t for everyone. Most people want to be able to manage their own time, do what they want when they want, and realize goals that are truly their own.

But, with the power of personal and business freedom comes the responsibility of making each action that you take one that feeds and fuels your goals.

When you work for yourself, which is what Network Marketing is all about, you and only you are accountable for how you spend your time, and what fruits will become of your labor.

People who realize success in Network Marketing and in their own businesses know the importance of Time Management.

Need to reach a certain goal? Have a deadline to meet? Want to build your brand and company up to the top of its field? You’ll need to have concrete steps in place to keep your focus on work when need be, so that you can reap the rewards of free time for yourself when you’re done.

Here Are 8 Tips to Help Manage & Make Each Day Productive

  1. Create a schedule. Whether you conduct business in a home office, office building, or on a lounge chair on a beach, each day should include a designated time for taking care of business dealings and details that will maintain and support the growth of your business. Know what you need to get done each day, and set aside a reasonable amount of time to do it without distraction.
  2. Make a plan. Your workday actually begins the night before, when you make a list or plan of action for the following day. Set aside at least 15 minutes each evening to go over what absolutely needs to be taken care of the next day, what goals you have for the next day, and what general things you would like to start thinking about the next day to build your company and attain freedom in your life.
  1. Get enough sleep. Getting enough sleep goes hand in hand with keeping to your schedule and sticking to your plans. Each night, after you’re prepared your “to-do” list for the following day, make it a point to release everything work-related for the night, trust that it will be rightly attended to in the morning, and allow yourself peaceful rest to dream with a clear, joyful, and hopeful mind.
  2. Wake up early. When you’ve had enough sleep, you will be able to wake up early and have the energy to begin focusing on the day’s tasks. You will be free to fully embrace everything that needs to be done, and give it your complete attention. Early in the day is when people are usually the most motivated, and able to give 100% to a task at hand before other events of the day enter to challenge one’s finite time.
  3. Get regular, supportive tasks done first. You’ll most likely feel much more ready to face the day when you start off by checking your email, looking at bank balances, making personal phone calls, and doing other secondary tasks before you dive into the heavier work for the day. We all need to be able to stay connected and attend to personal necessities, so let’s do this first off, and then leave the rest of the workday to developing our business and goals, and implementing what directly pertains the function of our businesses.
  4. Take breaks for eating. No one can give a job their all when they are depleted of energy. As much as it may be tempting to work through hunger, take at least 15 minutes in the morning, mid-day, and afternoon to fuel yourself with an energizing breakfast, lunch, or snack to help you retain focus, attention, and creativity.
  5. Set aside work time only for work. When you’ve already viewed or listened to messages, filled your belly, and taken care of personal matters, you have all the time you need to concentrate solely on work, which takes many forms depending on your type of business. In Network Marketing, devoting time entirely to work may mean meeting with associates, developing a strategic marketing plan, building an effective online presence, active selling, or a variety of actions. The idea is that you have made this time available specifically for whatever it is that needs to be done to realize success in your business endeavor, and consequentially your whole life.
  6. Enjoy your free time. No one wants or should have to work for every second of the day. Get done what needs to be done, by sticking to your schedule, and then enjoy the personal freedom of being able to participate in other activities that you find enjoyable for the rest of your day.

When you’re in business for yourself, you are a solo-preneur, so to speak, and you are in charge of balancing your work-personal relationship with yourself and others. At all times, keep your ultimate goal in mind, and with each passing moment question whether your actions are making the best and highest use of your time.

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