About Pam

pam-hiking-in-red-tank-top-224x300I am Pam Rankin, and I teach people how to be financially independent by leveraging the power of residual income and personal development. I have found great success personally and professionally, and I am grateful to be able to spend every day enjoying the freedom that comes with living life on my terms.

I get to enjoy time with the people that are important to me, and do all of the things that are fulfilling for me. I live a winning lifestyle because I am committed to helping others win in their lives too. I honestly believe that when we put our whole heart and soul into helping others, and partner with people who match our own energies, greatness happens!

I started out my career as a High School teacher and then moved into real estate, where I made a lot of money and had hundreds of professionals working under me. I had a bank account that was steadily expanding, and what appeared to be a thriving brokerage. But, I was practically working my entire life away and putting tons of money into training salespeople, only to have them leave to start their own companies.

pam-golf1When the real estate market crashed some years ago, I found all of the fruits of my hard work gone, and there was absolutely nothing I cap-cana-palm-treecould do to change the climate in my favor. I walked away from my real estate company with a renewed determination to find true personal and financial freedom for myself, and to show others how they could realize the same.

I am committed to growing a strong network of amazing people, who share the common goal of making a difference in the lives of others. I work with like-minded individuals who create synergy in life by inspiring everyone around them to achieve personal and financial greatness.

I surround myself with people who strive to grow spiritually, emotionally, financially, personally, and professionally. My purpose in life is to make a positive contribution to each person I cross paths with.

In order to build a team of inspiring leaders in my business, I became the leader that I wanted to attract. I teach others how to change their lives by stepping into their leadership and greatness, and how to make the world a better place by offering products and services that are undisturbed by the marketplace and that add to the beauty of life.

cap-cana-palm-treeAnd, while I’m changing the world and meeting all kinds of incredible people, I am enjoying life, feeling healthier and happier than ever, and living the way I always wanted to live.

Let me help you discover the freedom that you’ve always imagined.


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